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Virgin Atlantic, a trading name of Virgin Atlantic Airways Limited and Virgin Atlantic International Limited, is a British airline with its head office in Crawley, England. The airline was established in 1984 as British Atlantic Airways and was originally planned by its co-founders Randolph Fields and Alan Hellary to fly between London and the Falkland Islands. Soon after changing the name to Virgin Atlantic Airways, Fields sold his shares in the company after disagreements with Sir Richard Branson over the management of the company. The maiden flight from Gatwick Airport to Newark Liberty International Airport took place on 22 June 1984.

Virgin Atlantic has terrible management for costumers, they can cancel your flight without a notice and refunds can take up to 4 months, pb3964 wrote a review on

"Our holiday was canceled by Virgin Holidays. They didn't bother to tell us. We only found out when we arrived at check-in at 0600 on 16 March! Virgin Holidays promised a full refund. But then they stopped answering the phones. Their email addresses wouldn't accept emails. They didn't reply to physical letters. Their pathetic text message system just kept replying with lies. According to the media, Virgin had promised refunds within an absolute maximum of 120 days. We got our £10K refund on 5 August, just 142 days after they canceled our holiday. Would we ever travel Virgin again? What do you think?"


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Current Employee - Passenger Service Agent says

"You are promised bonuses you will NOT receive, management could care less about their employees and will let it be known loud in clear in front of everyone, there is a lot of favoritism in the work place, you work pretty much all day and the paychecks have nothing to show for it. Very unorganized. They’re supposed to train employees in lead positions based on seniority but its highly unlikely they follow this rule. You will also be promised Southwest benefits but after 6 months your flight benefits are nonexistent."

Former Employee - Guest Service Agent says

"This company is an affront to the human being! They have the guts to pay 10.17 per hour for people who speaks 2 to 3 languages, standing, lifting heavy weight, with NO BENEFITS!"

Former Employee - Crew Scheduling says

"Poor management creates an extremely negative atmosphere. No team spirit. Are told you will work holidays and weekends for 11/2 to 2 years, but really it takes 5-6 years to get them off."

Current Employee - Back Office Engineer says

"Weak leadership. Managers are more motivated solely by self interest and care little for their employees. This is very evident amongst the work force and creates a divided 'us and them' type environment. This has resulted in low employee morale which is also evident. Moreover, some of the managers aren't even qualified for the posts they are in which leads to poor decisions being made. The front line engineers don't seem to have this position as the managers have been there and done it so they understand their employees. This creates a certain level of camaraderie. Unfortunately this doesn't exist where I work in back office engineering where managers only care for themselves and their own career progression. I have also personally experienced management saying one thing to your face (to keep you happy) and then degrading you privately amongst other managers. Appalling behaviour. The company also take liberties in trying to force employees to fund the training required for them to do their role."

Former Employee - Transformation says

"Backstabbing, sexist and bullying behaviour, and that was before COVID 19. Many left transformation team in last 18 months with anxiety, which you need to understand the dark art at play with the leadership. Only when you leave to a new company do you realise what you have been involved in working for a team that is inept."

Current Employee - Virgin Atlantic Cabin Crew says

"short lay overs, poor pay, made to jump through hopes to be seen. Managers not trained, shocking show"

Current Employee - Senior First Officer says

"Uncertainty, Viability, Work/Life Balance. management"

Current Employee - Senior First Officer says

"Frequently away from home, uncertainty."

Manager performance and development (Current Employee) says

"The management is poor and as a crew manager you have very little support in dealing with aggressive and sensitive situations. Working shift patterns are terrible so don’t expect much life outside work."

Passenger Service Agent (Former Employee) says

"Won’t work with your school schedule nothing will always drive you insane with different schedule changes and don’t take care of their employees there is nothing positive I can say about this company. If you are a student going to school they won’t be flexible or work with your schedule"

Cabin Crew (Current Employee) says

"Morale is at rock bottom. No progression. Managers have all been replaced so dont know about the job just there to drive nps scores. All about getting good scores by doing whatever necessary. Long hours. Pay is shockingly bad (below nmw) but masked to make it look above that. Hard work. Stressful days. You have to put up with a lot from customers."

Retail Sales Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Lots of good reviews for Virgin Atlantic which is great if the job advertised is working for them. However don't confuse this with Virgin Holidays Retail who are awful to work for. Low basic, difficult targets, high pressure, poor management."

Airline Passenger Service Agent (Former Employee) says

"working was a lot of hours no benefits no medical no raises . delays weather mechanical everything and anything happens and employees have to deal with all that."

Senior Cabin Crew (Former Employee) says

"My typical day at work used to spent being on the Airbus 340-400/600. I really enjoyed working for Virgin Atlantic Airways."

Cargo Officer (Current Employee) says

"• Cargo Transhipments/Trucking • Good knowledge of Export Procedures/Security Requirements, - Known/ Unknown cargo. • Fully aware of Import Procedures, storage/security handling. Mail transfers. • Dealt with the loss and damage of cargo. • Followed standard Customer Service Procedures. • Completed handling reports, investigating problems and liaising with our handling agent and all other departments within Cargo at all levels.funlong hours"

customer service (Former Employee) says

"this has got to be the worst job I've ever worked in. The managers are shocking, always on your back, quick to tell you when you've done something wrong. They lie about your shifts, I lived in there! If your so desperate for a job then I'd rather pick somewhere like McDonald's. This place ruined my flights, if you get oneverything else"

Customer Service Advisor (Former Employee) says

"I worked at this company for many years, and I witnessed harassment , favoritism and was subjected to bullying. Management hire from their 'cliques', who then turn up drunk to work and don't have a clue what they are doing, lie and cheat their way up in the company..... No one should feel bullied out of their job, yet this is what they do. They make people feel like they have no worth and management treat you like you are a piece of dirt. Not willing to listen to the workers, pushing people, and manipulating situations. No support whatsoever. Yes the flights are a great perk, but I would rather work ANYWHERE else, than ever work for this company. DO NOT WORK HERE."

Baggage Services Advisor (Current Employee) says

"I bought into the whole Virgin Atlantic brand of doing things differently and disrupting the status quo. It was a fun filled first couple of years with the company but then it turned into just another number-crunching business with little to no regard for its employees. People on the outside still have this image of Virgin Atlantic being this fun and amazing place to work but on the inside, the atmosphere is the complete opposite. If you want career progression then you better hope to be included in one of the cliques with management. If your face doesn't fit then you will be stuck in the same position regardless of your performance levels. If they promoted the right people into the right positions and not just those in the clique, then the contact centre would be a much better place to work but at present, there are no signs of this changing. If you plan on joining the Swansea office then just be prepared it is just another dead-end call centre.7 free flights, holiday discountslong hours, low pay, workplace culture, lack of opportunitiesThank you for sharing your comments and we are sorry to hear the nature of some of your feedback. We do believe that our people are important for the success of the company and internally we actively encourage employees to speak with their Line Managers and specifically share how they are feeling. Feedback of this nature is important for us to know. We also believe in a clear approach to recruitment, as we seek to place the best talent into the variety of roles available. We encourage our teams to talk to with their Line Managers about career aspirations, and to discuss why they may not have secured a role after interview, which can help with future applications . Thanks again for taking the time to share your views."

Passenger Service Agent (Current Employee) says

"You actually work for Swissport in East Boston. We were told during our interview that Virgin Atlantic had monthly giveaways of two roundtrip tickets for anywhere Virgin flys. A woman who has worked there since February of this year said that she hasn't seen even one ticket given!!! Lots of responsibility for a measley $14. HrHrHr! Lots of"

Retail Sales Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Perks are great, being in a store where there are hardly any customers is not, personal sales targets are too high and if you dont hit them every month, which is impossible when they are so high and you have no customers or the holidays are too expensive for the customers you do get, you will eventually be dismissed, even if you score over 90% in mystery shops, have great feedback from customers about your service. have been a great team player and covering shifts and helping out colleagues. Its all about selling and hitting your target nothing of fare flightswork every weekend, shady managers and high targets"

Cabin Service Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"What a shame Virgin are not what they are portraying, they are just the same greedy corporate that doesn't care about its staff. Zero support or progression, promotion is based on how well you know and get on with your manager. I tried to apply for a secondment to a similar job on the ground, I was told I didn't have the right computer skills and in order to get these I would need to leave reapply working in reservations to gain them. Wow, after 12 years. Part time is solely offered to females, and the airline is very seniority based, so unless you have worked there for over 18 years, expect to work every Christmas and New Year and get what you are given for holiday time off and flights. Its dog eat dog at this airline. low pay, quick trips. It can be a really great lifestyle if you make it work for you and are happy to live out of a suitcase always Jet lagged.You get to see some amazing places!rude passengers, drunk passengers, no progression, low pay, jet lag, sexism, zero equality, zero over time or bonus for working over christmas, also if you are delayed, no over time or even pay."

Accounts Advisor (Former Employee) says

"-high volume workloads due to redundancies to staff and the cutting of team numbers. -distrustful management who look to pass the blame onto the level below them. -the benefits of working for the company are unparalleled, cheap flights, holidays and Summer/ Christmas parties that are unrivalled."

customer service advisor (Former Employee) says

"sales and targets driven must hit targets and cph .this is not a customer service role this is a sales are great if you can get on the planeits a jobrubbish rota bad management"

passenger service agent (Current Employee) says

"Managerial skills are too low giving and authority to someone screw up your business .,,,,,,, ........... No fairness ........ No flexibility ........"

Cabin Crew (Current Employee) says

"Admittedly, we are lucky at VAA to wear a recognisable and loved uniform. Managers push you into being at your best but offer no support back. Upon employment like most large companies you are identified as a pay roll number. Customers journeys are factored into your individual performance management. So passengers who sometimes don’t even travel, can effect your opportunity to shine and progress into the business. Following that, every single flight you are graded 1-5 by an on board manager or supervisor who has undergone a 2 day “loved course”. This feedback is hidden and often in able to retrieve honest feedback from as you are only give them he chance to read it quarterly"

Concierge (Current Employee) says

"Management awful all part of a 'click'of friends bullies unachievable targets set pay terrible equipment doesn't work all systems out of date bad office environment dirty restroomsflight benefitspoor management bullying"

Customer Service Advisor (Current Employee) says

"i have not had the best experience working for this company from the get go. their maternity and sickness policy is that of the dark ages and management are not in my opinion very well managed. the benefits are very good and if you are used to working in an office environment then its for you. i absolutely loved the role itself, i think talking to people from around the world and learning so much about the world itself is inspiring. The only thing missing is the managements ability to manage."

Customer Service Advisor (Current Employee) says

"Great sounding perks - free travel, but only if there is space, very stressful if travelling on a staff booking. Lovely environment, very gorgeous and "Virgin". Poorly qualified, experienced staff in management, if you are perky, young and gorgeous, you'll get on. Constant queues, pulled developments/ 121's so hard to improve but easy to get max bonus if you are willing to bend the rules, and almost no-one seems to really check or care lol! Always a new initiative, never carried through or reviewed, just die away and something new comes along One or two excellent TL's who carry the place, they are fantastic, but overlooked :("

Kevin says

"IF YOU WANT TO LOSE YOUR MONEY go with these scammers. Branson can send people to space, but not pay back money taken. Has VIRGIN BANK but is unable to pay back money taken, VIRGIN MEDIA but cannot pay back money taken. Still waiting for a refund since June. Cant get through on phone. Really bad company. Give them your money at your risk and it is very risky. Boycott their products unless you want to lose your money"

Lynn Chris says

"Worst customer service I have ever known 7 months on and still no refund after they took duplicate payments out of my account.
I will never use virgin again, I live in Yorkshire but will gladly travel 100s mikes down south and fly with BA.
Virgin you are a disgrace.

Syed says

"They offer air ticket at competitive cost, once you buy it several weeks ago to save money, they will cancel your tickets "not the flight" 6-7 days before the departure date and will give alternate flight 1day before or after asking for the additional cost difference. As you are buying ticket too close to travel date, you will have to pay 40-70% more and you don't have any other choice either. If you cancel the flight, they will refund you in 3-4 months or give you voucher, either way they win and you lose. That is what happened to me and I will never buy tickets from them. Avoid them at all cost."

customer says

"Literally the worst company I have ever had to deal with. Been trying to get in touch with them and I've been on hold, listening to the same 4 songs on repeat, for 36 hours (accumulatively). I've tried every way to make contact but it's like they dont want to answer the phone. Considering the number of travel companies that would love some business right now, it's ridiculous that Virgin treat their customers like this. Avoid like the plague!!"

JS says

"Virgin - shame on you. As a fiercely loyal Gold Flying Club member (just returned from a Upper Class trans-Atlantic flight with you and opted against flying BA who were 2k cheaper!!), you have failed to refund me almost £2,500 for nearly 6 months!!! You had told me that you had set yourselves a deadline of 120 days to complete refunds (already the worst record amongst all airlines). After 108 days, when booking my October trip with you you told me that refunds were being expedited and I should get mine comfortably before the 120 day limit. Nothing. I then called 4 times over 3-4 weeks, including from abroad, each time having to hold for more than an hour to reach you and on each occasion was assured my case had been prioritised and expedited. In fact on one call I was placed on hold for 22 minutes whilst the Virgin rep spoke to the refunds department- without once apologising for placing me on hold for this long. He assured me the reasons for the long hold was to make sure everything was solved, which he said it was. As usual nothing happened. I then last week call again and ask for a manager as wanted to escalate this complaint. Eventually he assured me it was dealt with and assured me that he would call me by close of play (last Friday) to confirm it had been actioned. He said he was about to move departments to go and work in the Refund department (the irony) so he would absolutely 100% ensure it was dealt with and gave me his word saying he would call without fail!! Did I get a call?? Of course not. I thought I’d leave it till end of today before I wrote this. What a truly shocking approach to customer care, let alone Customer loyalty. Virgin, you have just lost 4 customers who have flown the world with you and have always been so loyal. If this is how you treat your Flying Club Gold members, God knows what is happening to all the other people who are undoubtedly awaiting refunds. Why should £2500 be sat in your bank account as opposed to mine for this long. I have missed my Virgin Credit Cards monthly payment as a result of this as had planned on using the refund to pay off my balance. You really should be ashamed of yourselves. We all appreciate times are tough but what gives a global giant like you the right to tell lie after lie to one of your Gold members and to refuse to pay back what you have owed for almost 6 months. Shocking; absolutely shocking. Goodbye Virgin. Keep the airmiles and stick them somewhere planes don’t fly!!"

Deborah Sutton says

"Another refund debacle to go with the thousands in the same boat. Always recommended them to anyone who would listen. What a shame the flight crews are being let down by the shower in the office who are probably being given orders from high up to spin this out as long as they can. Jet2 cancelled 2 flights in April and paid in 2 days. Virgin took 12 days to accept refund request and since then nothing but automated replies and pointless waits on phone. Text calls will be answered in 3-4 hours...started the ball rolling as we type. I will fly to Heathrow and US next time as I forsee Virgin having no call for planes at Manchester if this is how they treat long time customers. When asked in the future, I will say avoid like the plague...probably now the worst airline in the country."

Thomas says

"Virgin Atlantic are an unreliable, fraudulent company and airline. They won't process refunds even after waiting for 4 months. Still no refund to date; email after email they only give excuses and don't comply with regulations and the law which clearly states they should refund on request and upon cancellation of services they sell. Reported to Civil Aviation Authority but the CAA don't seem to care either, they allow them to continue with their illegal actions. Now proceeding further with a legal case against them.

They have absolutely no interest in ensuring their customers are happy or even care about future business. They only think of the today. I will never fly with them again. They forget that customer is king and that without a customer, soon or later there will be no Virgin Atlantic.

Avoid at all costs, use a different airline to avoid the hassle, distress, inconvenience and financial loss."

Tony Barnes says

"120+ days and still no refund! I shouldn’t really need to write much more!
Horrible customer service
Horrible company
Horrible experience
Horrible Virgin Atlantic!
Never again!"

Kirsty says

"Had a flight booked with Virgin Atlantic for April 6th, due to COVID they had to cancel and since then I’ve been fighting for my refund which by law should of been paid back within 7 days! I paid for this flight over 16 months ago And virgin are trying every underhand tactic in the book to delay paying my money back. Be warned and do your research, this company are getting away with keeping people’s money. I will NEVER use anything with the virgin brand again!"

Louisa says

"Terrible airline their premium is ok but their upper class is terrible it's like a joke no privacy nasty old saggy leather pointless bar that is manless most of the time!

Also they support a Marxist group that hates white and Jewish people but try they fly to Israel go figure! Maybe nextime you want a government bailout you go and ask BLM for help see how far you get!"

Carl Whitehouse says

"Took over 140 days to refund a cancelled flight fare. Only paid when taken to court. Regulations state refunds should be 7 days maximum."

David - Sheffield says

"I’m a long time and loyal customer but Virgin Atlantic is showing no loyalty in return. The refund policy is ridiculous having to wait at least 4 months for a refund. At the same time they email marketing about loyalty. Extremely poor customer care communications as well. Great flight crews let down by dire back room service."

Garry says

"Exceeded the 120 days limit they set themselves and still can't tell me when I will get a refund. Had two bookings on the same flight - one for one person and one for eight. Have been refunded for the single ticket (after 120 days exactly) but not the eight - how convenient. Now at day 130 and can't get a response out of them regarding the other. Disgusting customer service."

Paul says

"virgin don't care about you or your health just their profits.

If you think Virgin Atlantic values you as a customer you are very very wrong and as in my case cost you your health.

So when covid struck i was abroad and had flu like symptoms so thinking ill do the right think told them at check in, they then ring medical support and get told to take my temp. No big deal but it took over an hour to find a thermometer by which time i had been given a hot drink which i still had when my temp was taken.
So it shows i have a high temperature and they are advised not to let me fly for 48hrs, I'm told to go to a medical centre and come back in 48hrs.
I ask are going to provide with a hotel? their answer was no we don't do that find your own.
I'm now left at 9 pm to find a hotel and get to a medical centre before it closes, this pushed my stress level to a point as stated by the doctor at the time i was 3 minutes away from a heart attack brought on by the pressure i was under.
The next day i go back to the airport with a certificate to fly signed of by the doctor and show them that I'm good to go, their response is now my blood pressure is high i cant fly and called out paramedics to check me over, they check my pressure and confirm its up but I'm good to fly.
So now i have a certificate to fly the paramedics say I'm good to fly and virgins response you have 2hrs to get to a medical centre and back with a new certificate and we'll let you fly. They gave me a phone number to call if i wasn't going to make it and the number didn't even work.
The following day after being yet again the stress that virgin had put me under could of killed me i arrive at the airport to be told i cant fly yet again and what i need to understand is the cost to the company if the plane gets diverted if i become ill while flying.
There is so much more to this but i will leave it there but virgin don't care about you or your health just their profits and after 10 years of flying with them i will never use them again."

John Ward says

"Our group flight to Vegas was cancelled the day before we were due to fly on March 18th 2020. On receiving confirmation I immediately contact "Customer Services" and requested a refund for the £2550.
Was told that refunds take up to four weeks to process despite the LAW OF THE LAND STATING THIS MUST BE COMPLETED IN SEVEN DAYS.
So straight away they are breaking the law
Ever since they have moved the payment date further away , forty days then another 40 days last one was for 120 days when all refunds would be finalised.
Now at 115 days, nothing heard from them, emails go unanswered, if I try to call them the line goes dead.
There are many other airlines, you are at the bottom of the pile"

Anna Hajas says

"No refund, late reply, and finger-pointing to the travel agent, whereas Virgin has to issue a refund to the travel agent, and then the travel agent can refund the customer. Either way, I have not seen a penny. This company is a total sham. They should be boycotted, not just the airline but other product/brand lines too."

Mrs Skott says

"Flight date 24 April.
Cancelled by VA on 6th April.
I requested refund 7th April.

Sent subject access request, no reply.
Sent LBA, no reply.
it's 30 June and I have still heard nothing.

Thankfully my bank - Santander, processed a chargeback."

Chris England says

"I used to love VA & one year did my gold card 5-6 times over! However, since Covid-19, like many thousands of other people, they are not refunding my money. They say they will, but they don't. Check out the Facebook group "Virgin Atlantic Refund Action Group" & other reviews on here. Every other hotel & airline has refunded our money. I seriously would not give them a penny as if you can't fly or they cancel it you won't see your money. Branson should be disgusted as they are breaking the law under the Consumer Rights Act. Hopefully I will get mine back before my Cancer kills me!"

Alex Humphries says

"Either you are lying or Gotogate are!?!?

Personally I don’t trust either of you. Your operator thought it was funny when I spoke with her last week.

I booked through Gotogate a return flight to the UK and of course due to the Pandemic both my flights were cancelled by YOU...and you think it’s hilarious passing me backwards and forwards between your two companies.

Just give me my money back or a voucher...


Will never use you again..."

ben_in_london says

"Changed flight to three days after booking. i have no way to extend my accommodation and the new flight date is impossible for me. but to be fair they've behaved themselves and given a full refund."

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